Civil Rights

The re-regulation of public benefits - Principles and recommendations 2011. April 7.

In this document, we provide a brief summary of the opinion of the Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation and the European Center of Non-for-Profit Law about the principles and concrete proposals with which the definition and system of public benefits should be renewed. Elaborating our recommendations, we paid special attention to the fact that due to the deficit in the state budget, the additional involvement of public capacities is limited. 

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The government revises the legal materials related to civil society organizations 2011. March 11.

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Government-Civil Society Relations: international conference 2011. January 11.

Government-Civil Society Relations: international conference

Since 2003, the Civil-Partner Program of the Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation has been working with the goal to establish a legal and regulatory environment supporting the Hungarian civil society development and sustainability. Cooperating with a wide range of NGO leaders, legal and other experts, supporting researches and analyses, the Program makes and sends concepts and concrete proposals to the decision makers, government and legislative representatives.

Many years of efforts have fortunately met with the initiative announced by the new government, which aimed to revise and redefine the entire non-profit legislation also asking the opinion and advice of NGOs.

Among others, these developments encouraged us to organize the conference “Government-Civil Society Relations: Benefits and challenges of supporting civil society” on November 25, 2010.

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